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EV Charger Home Installation

EV Charger Installation for your home in California

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Home EV Charger Installation in California

If you have an electric vehicle you may be wondering about having your own charging station at the convenience of your home. We provide a safe and affordable home EV charger installation throughout California. We partner with the best electricians in different California cities such as Pasadena, Berkeley, Oakland, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Diego.

Currently, there are more than 5.1 million electric cars on the roads around the world. Los Angeles has the most amount of EV cars out of the entire US, surpassing 57,000 as of 2019. With the new law taking effect in 2035, many more California residents will switch to EV cars in the next 15 years.


EV Charger Install: Pros and Cons

Everyone seems to acknowledge the innumerous advantages of electric cars. The prices have decreased over the past years and it seems that is not the reason why some have not switched yet. There are two main reasons why some people are still reluctant to change to an electrical car. First is the number or charging stations available in their cities, and the need to drive to a charging station more frequently than for a gas station with their current car. Second, is the waiting time for the car to charge in which there is literally not much you can do except to wait around. It is easy to understand why that can be difficult. If you drive a lot and need to charge your automobile every day you will be stuck at a public EV charger station for at least 30 min. Sometimes, even more if you have to wait in line for your turn. This seems to be the only drawback encounter by most people that already have an electrical vehicle.

Although it was announced that thousands of EV public stations will be installed in different areas of California within the next years, the problem will continue since many thousand more will acquire EV cars as well.

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EV Charger Station Install

If you have an electric car, having a home EV charging station makes life a lot better. Your car can charge at the convenience of your home and you will never have to drive to a station again. You are already saving the environment and your money by switching to EV. Your time is equally valuable. Having your own EV charger station at home will save you so much time and you will be happy you made that move.
EV is short for EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) and EV station installation is much easier than you may think. When considering this option, it is important to hire a qualified electrician with experience. After all it is your car and your home on the line, plus insurance, and safety. We definitely can’t let anything go wrong with those!

What EV Charger should I get for my home?

There are different levels that will determine how long it takes for your car to be fully charged. Higher voltage may require a panel upgrade and a dedicated 240v circuit.

Level 1 Charger (120v): simple, cheaper, and easier to set up. Basically, you will use a special extension cord plugged into a standard outlet with a voltage of 110 volts. In this case, the electrician can verify that your system has the capacity to handle that and check to make sure it is GFCI safe. There is a disadvantage in this level which is the time it takes to charge a car:
Most hybrid electric cars take 4 to 6 hours to completely charge.
A battery EV takes 12 to 24 hours to fully charge.
This is a big problem for a lot of homeowners as the length of time is longer than the time they are at home.

✔  Level 2 Charger (240v): If you value time and convenience you want to install a level 2 EV station in your home. This level requires a special set-up due to using higher voltage (240 v). That means a new dedicated circuit from your electric panel to a wall near your parking spot and/or a panel upgrade. A licensed electrician and EV specialist such as ourselves will need to check your current electric panel to see what option is required.

Installing 240v Outlet for Electric Car

After you have your dedicated circuit you will have installed a 240v outlet for your electric car, ready to use! You will love it because it will charge your car in 3-8 hours!

Level 3 Charger (480v): This is the type you see in public charging stations. Incredibly fast as it charges your car in half an hour. This type is purely commercial.

 In sum, you are basically deciding between upgrading to 240v outlet (level 2) and stay at level 1. If you just got a car another thing to consider is to select the electric rate that is best for your desired meter setup. This is done with PG&E Pacific Gas and Electric Company. We can help you figure that out depending on what will be installed

Why Choose Our EV Charger electricians?

Not all electricians are experienced with EV chargers. We have partnered with licensed electricians throughout California who are well experienced in home charging stations install. Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our business model. As we expand we continue to provide work through:

✔ Licensed electricians
✔ Skilled and experienced in EV charger installation
✔ Help with permits and process
✔ Honest recommendations
✔ Transparent pricing
✔ Competitive hourly rates
✔ Friendly service