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EV Charger Installation for your home in California

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The Best EV Charger Electrician Near You

We are electricians in different cities throughout California. We have connected through training and shared knowledge in the EV charger station installation world. In an effort to make it easier for the consumer to get connected with the experts, we have created EV Charger Home Installation as the go-to group to find trusted electricians near you

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

All the electricians in this group are licaensed, bonded, and insured. 

We DO NOT Cut Corners

Some electricians may cut corners on materials or wiring to save money or time. Or maybe due to inferior skills. When it comes to electricity, doing so can put your expensive house and car at a big risk to save few hundred dollars. We work hard to ensure we don’t do that and live up to our high standards.

We Will Work With You to Obtain Permits

You may need a permit for an EV charger station installation. Moreover, if you live in a condominium you will need approvall from your building. We know what is required for each case and each city and can work with you to speed up the process. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Prior to leaving your home, we make sure everything is working properly and the job was done right. Just in case you notice any problem, please call us ASAP so we can go there and fix it to the best of our ability. If you have any questions regards this or any other matters, please contact our electricians in California

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